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Who We Are

Brikama Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Washington State in 2009, and incorporated in 2011. It is our goal to   provide Brikama Health Center and its staff with basic medical equipment and supplies. In doing so, not only are we empowering the staff to provide proper prognosis and treatment but we also contribute to healthy communities.


Our vision is for Brikama Health Center to be a model for quality health care for Brikama and its surrounding population in The Gambia by the year 2022.

Why Brikama Health Center

Needs Assessment: The Brikama Society closely and actively interacts with the staff of Brikama Health Center and stakeholders in the region such as the Brikama Pupil Society.  In collaboration with the staff and stakeholders, we have been recently provided a 30-item list that is extremely needed to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery in the facility. These items include but not limited to alcohol based sanitizers, blood pressure machines, oxygen concentrators, wheel chairs, and suction machines.
Click on Image to see Complete List of Items Need by Brikama Health Ctr
Population Served: Brikama Health Center being the major health center in Western region, which is the biggest and the most populated region in The Gambia. Brikama town has an estimated population of 300,000 residents.
Types of Services: Being a major health service delivery point in the region, Brikama Health Center provides a variety of services. The services provided include maternal care such as deliveries, prenatal care, as well as treatment of diseases including Malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis. There are also some preventative services provided such as immunizations, HIV prevention education, and family planning.

Current Project: Remodeling of the Children and Maternal Ward.

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